If Janice, a 32 year old recent divorcee, new to the area and who had only made the appointment at the private clinic to discuss a possible course of Botox treatments, had somehow known she was talking to a deranged psychopath harbouring extreme medical fantasies, she wouldn’t have let the nurse get anywhere near her with a hypodermic syringe ...

Janice awoke the first time to find herself in what appeared to be a cross between an engineering workshop, an operating theatre and the mad scientist’s laboratory from a 1960’s horror film. In a cinema, she might have thought the plethora of chains, straps, locks, power tools, instruments, jars, bottles and other unidentifiable equipment and devices, so over-the-top as to be quite amusing ... but there was nothing at all funny about the strong leather straps binding her arms securely behind her back and her legs doubled-up to her buttocks.

Nor was there anything at all humourous about the torso-harness that extruded and at the same time compressed her large, naked breasts, or the tall, rigid collar forcing her head erect. Then too, there was the tight-fitting hood that continually squeezed and immobilised her head, in combination with the massive gag crammed into her mouth with its strap buckled firmly behind her neck. Most alarming and humiliating of all though was the large, thick, hard shaft buried deep in her stretched sex.

Apart from blinking her eyes, she couldn’t move a muscle or do a single thing to free herself and so when she saw the nurse enter the room, her immediate reaction was one of relief, presuming that the woman had come to release her, apologise profusely and explain that there had been some sort of dreadful mix-up. She couldn’t begin to imagine what sort of medical procedure would require such extreme and embarrassing preparatory measures, but a mistake was the only reasonable explanation for the situation she was in, so she assumed that had to be the answer.

Only it wasn’t, for instead of freeing her, the nurse simply took a small, remote-control keypad from her pocket and punched one of the buttons. A faint scream leaked from behind the broad gag-strap crushing the patient’s lips and her eyes opened wide in alarm as the shaft in her sex began to vibrate fiercely.

At first, there were no other visible signs of the havoc being created in her body, but as the nurse watched intently, she saw the surface of her patient’s belly flutter and twitch and the globes of her full breasts swell noticeably within their imprisoning harnesses, causing the straps compressing her flesh to indent themselves even more deeply. Nodding in apparent satisfaction, the nurse moved to a desk and began to make notations on a clipboard, seemingly oblivious to the pleas directed at her from the eyes of her helplessly-aroused patient. Her victim, in fact prisoner, unable to satisfy her passion or even wriggle in an effort to alleviate the unwanted stimulation, was forced to endure the dreadful torment of ever-increasing sexual need imposed upon her by the vibrating shaft that so deeply impaled her.

Desperate to free herself, she wrenched madly at her bonds, exerting every ounce of strength she possessed against the leather restraints, her eyes fixed on the nurse in the hope that she would look up and somehow realise that a terrible error had been made and she was preparing the wrong patient. However, the straps didn’t even creak and held her effortlessly, mocking her feeble efforts and as she was forced to accept that escape was impossible, her spirits sank to rock bottom and she groaned in anguish.

The nurse finally laid down her pen and turned to smile into her prisoner’s eyes and for a brief moment, the patient was elated, thinking she was about to be released ... then an icy chill of horror raced up her spine when it dawned on her that the nurse’s smile was not one of warmth and sympathy for her plight, but rather the predatory, calculated baring of fangs of a stalking wolf who has its prey cornered and is merely anticipating the kill. A scream of horror rose in her throat, then changed to a gasp of pain when the nurse’s finger once more stabbed down on the remote-control and a sharp electric shock jolted through the exquisitely-delicate tissues of her inflamed sex, instantly extinguishing her fervid, sexual arousal.
The sheer cruelty of the nurse’s actions was so unthinkable that the patient couldn’t believe wh

t had been done to her; her brain simply refused to accept the evidence of her senses, despite the stinging, smarting aftermath of the shock, but then a second jolt of trilling electricity fizzed through her sex, wringing a shrill wail of agonised despair from her and a low, throaty chuckle of amusement from the grinning nurse. Now deeply terrified and in pain, the patient realised at that moment that there had been no mistake and that the nurse had no intention of releasing her ... with or without a grovelling apology. She was bound and gagged and plugged with the awful vibrator because that was precisely what the nurse intended and must have been from the moment she had made the appointment at the clinic. The implications raced through her whirling brain, combining with the horrible realities of her inescapable bondage and total vulnerability and soon led her to the only possible conclusion ... there was no way out of her predicament unless the nurse released her. The other realization that immediately followed was that she wouldn’t because it would inevitably lead to her arrest and imprisonment for kidnapping.

Appalled by her reasoning and the stark prospect of endless bondage and torment at the hands of her captor, the terrified patient wept and sobbed and screamed into her gag while the nurse calmly experimented with the dozens of combinations of pain and pleasure she could inflict with simple presses of the buttons of the remote-control. Over and over, the patient’s sexual passion was built to peaks of frenzied need, then mercilessly cut down by powerful electric pulses to leave her moaning in bitter anguish and horrendous frustration. The cycle was repeated with different combinations, each one and its effects on her, carefully noted on the nurse’s clipboard. Driven almost out of her mind, the patient was caught totally by surprise when a particularly cruel series of shocks, combined with ferocious high-speed pulses of devastating arousal, triggered a shattering orgasm: her belly convulsing explosively and a flood of her juices pouring into her sex and over the vibrator.

Overwhelmed by the most intense and powerful climax of her life, she flushed scarlet with shame and humiliation when the nurse switched off the vibrator and bent to inspect her trembling belly and the glistening juices oozing from her sex, then without a word returned to the desk to update her notes as if it was perfectly normal to force a bound and gagged woman to orgasm violently and uncontrollably. Wanting only to rest and savour the exquisite pleasure of her hard-earned climax, the patient squealed a futile protest into her gag and tried to resist, summoning the tattered remnants of her willpower in a bid to defy the machine when the vibrator buzzed back to life. Hopelessly weakened by her ordeal and the still-strong spasms of her slowly-waning orgasm, her resistance was doomed and achieved nothing but to confirm and reinforce her absolute subjugation to the vibrator and the nurse who controlled both it and her. Against her will, she was forced to respond, her arousal spiralling upwards inexorably until she panted and gasped and squealed to a seductive mix of pleasure and pain that blended into an all-consuming desire to submit and experience the ecstasy of climax a second time. She became fixated on that sole imperative and barely capable of rational thought; only dimly recognising her desire for physical pleasure as the unconditional surrender it was, then that warning was swept away and forgotten when the nurse repeated the combination that had sent her patient hurtling into her first orgasm.

From deep in her belly, the patient felt a foaming wave of hot juices surge upwards and while she screamed to the delicious pain of her enforced submission and was sucked down into the swirling maelstrom of her second enormous climax, the nurse gave a cold smile and made another careful notation on her clipboard. Some little time later, she made a third notation, then later, a fourth, then a fifth, and much later, a sixth. Each of the recorded events indicated a climax ruthlessly imposed upon her patient, regardless of her wishes and the extended torment necessary to achieve it.

Eventually, with the patient too exhausted to respond to even the most ferocious stimulation, release of a sort came with a second injection, sending her into a deep, dreamless sleep despite her continued bondage ...


When the patient awoke for the second time, she found herself in severe, unrelenting discomfort and was again totally powerless to escape or reduce in any way. Every part of her body seemed to be competing to ache the most, but her arms and shoulders were winning the contest by a considerable margin, followed by her jaws, her nipples, her thighs, her waist, her neck and each individual muscle. Her sleep-dazed brain took several seconds to work out what was happening, then her eyes snapped wide open as memory returned in full force. Her muscles tensed and she gave a despairing moan; her hopes that the terrifying images running through her mind were only nightmares, crumbling to dust when her limbs failed to respond and she felt the cold, hard grasp of steel on her flesh.

She tried to bend her head to look downwards, but even that freedom was denied by a steel harness connected to the post behind her and all she could do was squint down past her nose. The view that met her frightened gaze only deepened her despair, for the bases of her breasts were cruelly constricted to only half their normal size by narrow steel cinches that forced them into globes that projected vulnerably from her chest like large, ripe, sensitive and pain filled melons. However, these melons were caged in encircling steel that rose to her nipples where each crinkled bud had been captured and drawn out a full, pained inch in the steel claw of a harness fitted over the apex of the breast. Appalled by the sight, she averted her gaze from her captive nipples only to discover the reason for her aching thighs. They had been spread so wide that she could barely believe they were still attached to her body: each leg bound to a thick, horizontal steel bar with seven steel bands spaced from the joint of her thighs to her toes, all ratcheted so tightly that her flesh bulged on either side. The strain on her inner thigh muscles was horrendous, but she knew instantly that there was nothing she could do about it, for any one of the bands would easily have held her, let alone the seven that had been used. She was actually glad she couldn’t see past her caged breasts, because it helped her try not to think of how exposed and inviting her gaping sex must look.

The persistent aching of her arms and shoulders demanded her attention, but not only was it totally beyond her power to ease their horrible discomfort, she could not even see or guess how they had been bound. Obviously, thee changes in how she was bound had happened while she was asleep, but she had no way of knowing that her arms had been twisted into a double hammerlock behind her back, then forced high up between her shoulder-blades and pinned in place by a harness of flat steel bands right around her torso, each ratcheted just as tightly as the ones on her legs. Nor did she know that her unconscious body had then been attached to a hydraulically-powered slider fitted to the thick vertical steel pole of the machine on which she was now mounted some four feet above the floor with her legs, waist and head firmly clamped into position. The final addition to be made before she was awoken, had been the fitting into her mouth of a gag made of neoprene-covered steel. The horrible device’s inner section had been carefully shaped to fit over her upper and lower teeth, and the outer part framed her lips; both fitted with ratchets that when activated, jacked her mouth wide open and tightened the steel straps around her head.

When the nurse entered the room, she wasted no time and pulled a battery-powered razor from her tunic then immediately beginning to shave the tangled curls from the patient’s exposed belly and sex, paying no attention whatever to her unintelligible protests. In less than a minute, there was not a single curl left to provide even the most-minimal concealment or protection and when the nurse bent to blow the last few hairs away, a shrill gasp burst from the patient’s nose when the currents of air moved across her newly-shaven labia and instantly ignited a hot glow of unwanted arousal in her belly. Astonished by the hugely-increased sensitivity of her sex-lips, she didn’t realise that the nurse wasn’t finished until the head harness was removed and the razor moved over the crown of her head! Powerless to stop the loss of her beautiful locks, she wept in despairing misery while the nurse shaved her head; swathes of hair cascading down past her shocked eyes while all of the hair on her head was shaved off! To the patients consuming horror, the nurse then did the same with her eyebrows, then carefully plucked out every one of her eye lashes!

Utterly demoralised, the patient shuddered when the nurse rubbed a thin cream into each of the newly-shaven areas of her body, her anguish complete when the bottle was held up before her eyes and she read that the cream was specifically designed to kill the root follicles of human hair, thus ensuring that it could never re-grow. The knowledge that she would be bald forever sent fresh rivers of tears coursing down her cheeks, but her captor was impervious to her distress while she carefully refitted the cloying web of the harness around her hairless head then secured it rigidly to the vertical post. Before walking behind her, the nurse squeezed the handles of the mouth appliance a half dozen times and the patients mouth was jacked open while she wailed with terror. She couldn’t turn to watch while the nurse started entering instructions into the machine’s control panel.

A moment later, hydraulic motors hummed efficiently and when an articulated robotic arm carrying a large, fully-detailed replica of an erect penis came into her limited field of view, the patient screamed in wordless, terrified horror, then the arm moved smoothly down until it was aligned with her jacked-open mouth. Slowly, the penis slid forward through her stretched lips, then her screams abruptly cut off when the dildo inflated like a hardening male organ and filled every inch of space between her teeth, pinning her tongue flat. A second arm descended over her left shoulder; the pincers it carried closing on the centre of the bar linking her breast harness then retracting just enough to stretch her already painfully-elongated nipples another half-inch and wring a low, gasping howl from her nose.

The tapping of keys warned the patient that her captor was not yet finished and when another hydraulic motor whined below, she squinted down her nose in fearful anticipation of what new torment was coming. When she saw the enormous replica penis rise from between her hugely-straddled legs, her torso shuddered despite the extreme tightness of her bonds. It was huge, far bigger than the one filling her mouth, and she feared its massive length and girth would be more than her body could take. Not that she would have a choice, for spread wide, inescapably bound in steel, utterly unable to defend herself in any way, she would have to endure whatever the nurse decided to do to her. The giant dildo moved slowly forward out of her sight until it was directly beneath her and she tensed, expecting to feel the shaft rise and force its way into her body, then waited for several endless seconds, holding her breath and then, to her complete confusion, she felt herself begin to slide smoothly downwards, while her sex was bathed by squirts of some sort of slippery lubricant!

Unaware of the capabilities of the machine to which she was bound, the patient had never even considered that it might be she who would move while the dildo stayed still! She gasped when the tip of the dildo nuzzled itself between the lips of her sex, but after penetrating her for only two inches, her descent stopped, then reversed and she was swiftly hoisted back to her original elevation. Once more the lubricant squirted, then her next descent was twice as quick as the first; the penetration of her sex by the thick dildo twice as deep, and as she was again lifted off the shaft and raised up the pole, she cringed and whimpered to the dreadful realisation of what was about to happen.

Once more, her rigidly-restrained body plummeted downwards and even the penis-gag filling her mouth could not completely muffle her high-pitched shriek when her labia were shouldered aside by the broad head of the dildo then its thick, ribbed shaft bludgeoned into the tight channel of her sex, stretching her and piercing the innermost core of her femininity. Helplessly impaled, she wailed in pain and anguish, her ruthlessly-penetrated sex protesting at being so maltreated; her eyes mirroring the fear and horror whirling through her brain at her total vulnerability to her cruel captor. When she was once more pulled off the dildo, it was almost worse than being penetrated because, despite the lubricant, the ribbing on the shaft abraded the delicate lining of her sex in a way that was the very opposite of arousing.

At the nurse’s whim, she was sent plummeting downwards again to be speared on the dildo, her muffled screams and the tears which poured from her eyes to splash onto her steel-caged breasts, earning her only mocking laughter from her pitiless tormentor. After several additional terrifying and painful repetitions, if she could have, the patient would have begged for mercy and promised anything, given everything she possessed for even a brief respite, but the robotic arms holding both the penis-gag and the pincers were perfectly synchronised with the slider to which she was attached and rose and fell with her, giving her no opportunity. Much, much later the slider fell one last time and she screamed hoarsely when the dildo buried its full length in her quailing belly once more, but this time she was not pulled off the giant shaft! Horridly uncomfortable though her situation was, it was far more preferable to what she had already been forced to endure and she was pathetically grateful for the break.

Her gratitude though, was short-lived, lasting only until all three of the robotic arms began to operate together.

At her sex, the dildo retreated until only its tip remained positioned between her engorged labia, then thrust forcefully into the core of her belly and began to piston back and forth with mindless, inhuman precision. Simultaneously the dildo-gag in her mouth copied the actions of its larger cousin below and the hapless patient fought not to retch and choke when, at the end of each stroke, it touched the back of her throat. The third arm, at the centre of her breast harness, retracted an inch and the steel claws clamped around her nipples retracted with it, stretching the trapped buds even further! Completely immobilised by her bondage, she had absolutely no hope of avoiding or resisting the mechanical rape of her belly and mouth and as she was forced to accept that she had become nothing more than a static receptacle for the twin shafts, she was dumbfounded to find that she was becoming aroused by her plight!

Stunned and alarmed, she tried to deny the shameful heat in her belly, but the more she tried to ignore it, the more strongly her body responded, the hotter her arousal burned and the less able she was to keep it out of her mind. In desperation, racing towards orgasm and not wanting to admit even to herself that she was sexually excited by her helpless subjugation to the machines, the patient focused on her captor, hoping that her fear and hatred of the nurse for what she had made her suffer, would distract her and enable her to hold back her climax. However, the result was the complete reverse of what she intended! The moment she pictured the nurse at the controls of the machine, manipulating the robotic arms to position, display, and torture her as if she was some sort of living, breathing, animated sex-doll designed solely for her sadistic amusement, her belly kicked violently to the erotic image! Less than a second later, while her mouth and sex were pillaged again by the dildos, waves of hot juices gushed into her belly as her vision of herself as a bound, helpless toy, triggered an immense orgasm of such power and depth that she even temporarily forgot that her bondage and sexual subjugation were not by her own choice.

Pain and pleasure, ecstasy and torment, horror and submission, bondage and arousal, fear, desire and shame all mixed inextricably in her reeling brain. She abandoned any attempt to control the ferocious passions unleashed within her by her own treacherous imagination and allowed herself to surrender utterly to the inferno of lust raging through her body. Instantly, the spasms of her huge climax redoubled and she squealed in anguish, trembling with fright at the awesome capacity of her own body for far stronger sexual responses and vastly greater orgasmic pleasure than she had ever dreamt was possible. Even the pain of her cruelly-stretched nipples only added to the fires of her lust and as she was forced to confront the unwelcome fact that she had never and could never have achieved such incredible heights of delirious rapture if it hadn’t been for the strict bondage, absolute domination and physical subjugation imposed on her by the nurse. The patient gasped in outrage at her own shocking thoughts because it was an appalling idea!

She was not, not, most definitely NOT, some sort of kinky masochist who got off on that sort of thing! So why, when the dildo finally slid from her dripping sex and the nurse walked around and stood in front of her, did her belly churn and seethe with renewed heat at the sight of the person who was the direct cause of every pain and ache and humiliation she had been forced to endure?

While the patient fought to make some sort of sense out of the conflicting emotions whirling madly through her brain the woman who was her tormentress strode to a cabinet and selected a gleaming, surgical steel instrument then returned to squat on her heels at the joint of her helpless captive’s spread thighs. All the patient could do was scream when, one at a time, the puffy, engorged lips of her sex were captured in the jaws of the instrument and a hole was punched right through her living flesh.

The physical pain of the twin piercings was horrendous, but far more devastating to the stunned victim, was her incredible mental anguish when the nurse fitted a large and heavy steel ring through the resultant hole and welded it into permanently closed circle by using a wide jawed set of ringing pliers to force the ends together and lock them into each other. The patient knew it was there, could feel the weight at her belly, but even so, still couldn’t really believe that there was steel fixed into her body and she couldn’t remove it.

Animals were ringed ... bulls, bears ... but not humans ... and especially not her ... It simply could not be and must not be ... but it was, and when the nurse hooked a finger into the ring and tugged sharply, the terrible pain that shot through her labia and sex instantly crushed all such foolish notions of resistance and the whimpering patient understood that she, just like any other ringed animal, was at the mercy of her owner and could be easily controlled and forced to obey.

She dared not meet the nurse’s eyes when she rose to her feet, keeping hers lowered submissively, afraid that eye-contact might be taken as some sort of challenge and result in more painful tugs at her labia-ring. It was her admission of defeat, her unconditional surrender and she knew it, her downcast eyes brimming with tears. Of course, the nurse knew it too, chuckling in satisfaction while she prepared the injection that would give her captive a long, deep sleep and ensure she was fully rested for the next stage of the plan ...


The patient swam up from a nightmare in which she dreamed that unknown enemies had caught and thrown her into a huge vat of quick-setting glue that had set around her, then shrunk, encasing her in a solid block. Reality, when her eyes opened, was not so far different, for although she was not entombed in glue, almost her entire body from head to foot was laced and strapped into a steel-reinforced leather suit so tight that movement was almost impossible. Somehow, despite the incredible severity of the bondage she had imposed before, the nurse had succeeded in coming up with restraints that were even more restrictive, even more onerous and stressful for her unfortunate patient. Only her breasts and sex remained uncovered by the skin-tight leather, but the former remained extruded through their undersized, steel-reinforced, circular cut-outs and the latter through a narrow, steel-lined slot, the extreme compression of the suit forcing her twin globes and pierced, ringed labia to bulge obscenely through the too-small openings. Not that she could see them, for her head was trapped in cage of crushingly-tight leather and steel and held rigidly upright by a six-inch steel posture-collar that prevented her from looking down or even turning her head to right or left.

Her attempts to scream produced only muffled whimpers, for her mouth was packed full of a hard, dense sponge plug, held in place by a broad steel strap covering her lower face from nose to chin and ratcheted cruelly tight.

She had never heard of the term “reverse-prayer” but the effects of that type of bondage were horribly and painfully apparent. With her arms twisted behind her, palms together, and forced so high up that her steel-banded wrists were locked directly to the rear of her posture-collar, every joint, muscle and ligament of her contorted limbs was under intense, unrelenting stress. The constant, inescapable torment was made even worse by the steel mitts pinning her hands flat, a second steel band clamping her elbows together, and still others at her upper arms and biceps, wrenching her shoulders back severely and holding them tight to her body.

From neck to crotch, both back and front, running between her bulging breasts and through her legs, splitting into a “Y” over her shoulders, a solid steel strap forced her spine erect. Combined with a heavily-boned corset, a further three steel straps reduced her waist to such miniscule proportions that she could barely draw breath and her nostrils flared widely, trying to suck in each short gasp of air. With her legs doubled-up to her buttocks and bound immovably in place with still more of the tightly-ratcheted steel straps, the patient knelt helplessly before her captor; eyes wide with horror when the end of a thick chain dangling from her posture-collar was clipped to the ring on a post jutting upwards from the tiled floor, tethering her.

The precaution was utterly unnecessary for she was virtually incapable of movement and completely unable to escape, but the action reinforced her sense of utter subjugation and reminded her that she could not stop the nurse doing anything she wished, no matter how shameful, painful or humiliating it might be for her prisoner. A hot, fierce flame of unwanted, undeniable sexual arousal ignited in the patient’s belly. Powerless to prevent it, she felt her nipples stiffen and her sex grow wet as shockingly-vivid images of her torment and enforced submissions at the hands of the nurse replayed in her memory, her eyes filling with alarm when the tell-tale signs of her growing need brought a chuckle of cruel amusement from her captor. Unable to close her gaping thighs because of the wide, solid steel strap running through her crotch and with her sex extruded through the slot in the metal, there was no way for the patient to conceal or defend her sex and when the nurse reached down to tug at the heavy ring transfixing her labia, she could only whimper in pained anguish and gasp as the cruel torment intensified the heat of arousal in her belly.

She did not want to respond, but her body was no longer hers to control and every possible form of resistance had been removed by the incredible extent and stringency of the bondage imposed by the nurse. There was literally nothing she could do to save herself and as the mixture of pain and pleasure jolted through her belly and sent her spinning into a whirlpool of fierce lust and utter subjugation, she could only abandon herself to her fate and accept the nurse’s absolute power and authority. Building rapidly towards the climax she could feel swirling and bubbling in her belly, the patient moaned in frustration, her eyes pleading for the release she craved, but the nurse stood up, walked over to a drawer and returned with a pair of gleaming steel devices that she quickly began to fit to her captive’s prominently-displayed breasts.

From a broad strap around the bases of the patient’s breasts, four thinner straps rose around each globe to meet at a steel ring encircling her nipples, forming a cage that, as the nurse ratcheted the wider strap to less than half its original diameter, grew tighter and tighter until her flesh bulged around each of the straps and her nipples jutted like bullets, hard and achingly-engorged.

Projecting lewdly from the steel-bound flesh of her swollen breasts, they were helplessly offered to the jaws of the surgical punch and the horrified captive squealed in pain and despair as the nurse calmly and efficiently pierced one, then the other, before inserting a thick steel rod through each of the resulting holes and welding steel balls to each end, preventing the rod from being removed. Whimpering to the fierce throbbing of her new piercings, the patient shuddered, her eyes anxious and filled with fearful anticipation when circular steel shields were clamped over each of her erect nipples, slots on the inner surface of the devices engaging with the steel balls at the ends of the rods transfixing her engorged flesh. Her worst fears were instantly realised, the nurse twisting the shields a full turn and locking them in place, then chuckling while her hapless victim screamed behind her steel gag to the merciless, inescapable punishment inflicted on her tender flesh.

Clearly amused by her captive’s misery and despair at the additional anguish inflicted on her, the nurse casually reached down and flicked the ring dangling from the patient’s pierced labia, savouring the sobs and tears her actions caused as the jerking of the heavy steel added to the ferment of painfully masochistic arousal raging through her defenceless victim’s body. Bound into pained immobility and with her sex and breasts shot through with devastating bolts of relentless torment, the patient’s sexual passion spiralled higher and higher and although she tried to fight the insidious temptation to simply give in and submit to the nurse’s ruthless domination, her already-weakened willpower was no match for the masochistic heat of her enforced subjugation.

Despite her futile efforts, sprays of silvery juices erupted from her sex and she was sent hurtling into a giant climax, her belly convulsing madly as the overwhelming power of her fervid lust overcame her and she jerked and spasmed in her bonds.

Horribly conscious as she came, of the nurse’s glittering eyes fixed on her, drinking in every twitch and jerk and quiver of her body as she was forced to display the horrendous depth and extent of her abject surrender. She knew also that the information would be used to strengthen and intensify the nurse’s tyranny over her; to drive her ever closer to becoming a totally controlled, fiercely responsive and helplessly masochistic pain-slut and sex-toy that she intended her to become. Or, perhaps she had already become that person, for when the nrse tugged again at the ring between her spread thighs, then slapped each of her tightly-caged breasts, the patient gasped and her eyes widened in dismayed humiliation when the casual cruelty and arrogance of her captor re-ignited a white-hot flame of savage sexual need in her swamped belly. She couldn’t control or conceal the humiliating response of her body and when the nurse smiled coldly, then quite deliberately slapped her breasts a second time, the patient groaned in pain and bitter anguish as her belly kicked violently to betray her renewed arousal to her pitiless captor.

The nurse chuckled, then toyed with her patient for a while longer, running her hands over the woman’s leather- and steel-sheathed body, tugging and twisting the shields trapping the patient’s nipples and flicking the steel ring piercing her sex-lips, exerting her absolute power over her captive until she whimpered and writhed and gasped to the devastating mix of pleasure and pain she was forced to endure. Without being permitted the release of the huge climax that burned and seethed and swirled in the pit of her quaking belly, it was almost a relief to the patient when a needle slid into the underside of her left breast and her world faded to blackness ...


The possibility that the bondage and subjugation already imposed upon her might be only the prelude to something even more extreme, had never crossed the patient’s mind, so when her eyes fluttered open and she saw her plight perfectly reflected in a mirror opposite, an icy wave of horror raced through her mind. While she had been unconscious, her body had somehow been lifted and mounted on a strange-looking four-wheeled trolley and she was so stunned by the sight of her heavily-chained form that it was several moments before the horrid discomfort of a thick, hard shaft impaling her virgin bottom made its presence felt and she realised just how she had been fitted onto the device.

Skewered on the shaft, with the steel-reinforced corset of her suit bolted to the trolley’s upright and her steel-banded legs doubled and spread wide open, she was bound by tight, heavy chains to a long steel bar above and one of the device’s axles below her, holding her in a position of maximum exposure and vulnerability. Her arms were invisible, still clamped in the same hugely stressful reverse-prayer and fastened to the rear of her posture-collar, but she could plainly see the steel strap over her lower face, it wedging her gag deeply and securely into her mouth. Also, she could not escape seeing her caged breasts ballooning from her chest, each capped by the gleaming steel shields covering and punishing her captive nipples, her pierced, ringed labia bulging through the steel slot at her sex ... and the menacing sight of a large, heavily-ribbed steel dildo projecting upwards from the main pillar of the trolley.

Appalled, yet horribly fascinated by the reflection of her complete helplessness and total sexual availability, the patient gasped when the nurse appeared behind and seized her head, forcing her to arch her neck steeply backwards until she gazed at the ceiling above. Holding her with one hand, the nurse clipped chains from a Y-shaped steel frame attached to the trolley to steel rings set into the hood covering the patient’s head, ensuring she had to remain arched and unable to alter her position.

With no option but to stare straight upwards, her eyes met those of the nurse and she recognised the woman’s iron will and implacable determination to continue and extend her absolute subjugation. The patient shuddered and her belly kicked powerfully, a trickle of silvery juices oozing from her sex as her body responded instinctively to the inevitability of sexual torment and enforced submission.

Fearing it and terrified at the thought of what the future held as a permanent captive, but already massively and shamefully aroused by the prospect of the painful, bitter-sweet ecstasy that would be imposed on her and the shattering climaxes that would be forced from her body.

The nurse would take whatever she wished from her, for there was absolutely no possibility of her protecting herself and no possibility of evading the demands made of her and most definitely not even the smallest possibility of escape ... and the patient knew it.

Moving out of her captive’s extremely limited range of vision, the nurse went to the rear of the trolley and its totally immobilised passenger, then pressed the button on the control panel that energised the motor and on-board electrical systems.

Demonstrating the easy familiarity born of long practise, she manipulated the lever controlling the dildo and the patient squealed behind her gag when the rigid rod penetrated her and drove deep into her belly, the heavily-ribbed shaft creating an astounding mixture of powerful arousal and acute discomfort as the delicate channel of her sex was filled by hard, cold, unforgiving steel.

She screamed again when the horribly-intrusive rod sunk in her anus slowly expanded in girth then began to thrust slowly in and out. Pinned by her own body-weight and bound into immobility by unbreakable steel straps, she had no choice but to endure the unhurried mechanical pillaging and as she was forced to accept the unwanted and unwelcome violation of what she had always considered to be a sexual “no-go area” her eyes widened in humiliation to the burst of heat that seared her belly at this further proof of the nurse’s absolute power and unwavering determination to impose total and permanent subjugation.

With both front and rear openings filled, the patient shuddered wildly and hurtled into an enormous climax when the dildo in her sex sprang to life, powerful vibrations rippling along the full length of its shaft as it, too, began to piston into her belly, revolving at the same time! The combination of her anal violation and the sensations of the dildo’s ribbing and protrusions sliding and twisting against the sensitive lining of her sex was so extraordinary and overwhelming that she could not hold back for even a few moments. Her submission was instantaneous and unconditional; the maddened contractions of her belly sending floods of her juices over the shaft plundering her as the orgasm exploded through her fettered body making her squeal in ecstatic anguish at the speed and fury of her enforced surrender.

Behind her, the nurse smiled coldly, her fingers hovering over a rotary dial on the control panel while she savoured the havoc she had inflicted. Until, when the patient’s climax passed its peak and her convulsions began to weaken, the nurse turned the dial clockwise, very slowly. A snort of surprise burst from the patient’s nose when a mild, horribly familiar electric shock tingled through her sex, but when a series of increasingly powerful shocks jolted through the delicate, excruciatingly sensitive tissues of her impaled femininity, she whimpered in fearful horror, knowing that she could do absolutely nothing to avoid the pain, or persuade her captor to show mercy. Her relief when the shocks stopped, proved to be only short-lived, for their resumption was accompanied by the renewed plundering of her sex and anus and the powerful oscillations of the vibrator, the combination orchestrated by the nurse to impose the maximum of sexual arousal, the maximum of physical and mental torment and the maximum of frustrated need.

Brought to the very brink of orgasm, then deprived of a longed-for release by cruel electric shocks, the patient screamed and wept while her passion was built then denied again, her garbled pleas to be allowed to come, bringing only pitiless laughter from the nurse as she revelled in her power and ability to control her captive’s sexual desire, extracting whatever response she cared to demand from the shuddering body of her hapless victim. For what felt like endless hours to the gasping, sobbing, squealing, patient, she was forced to undergo the most extreme subjugation and her swamped brain slowly lost the battle to retain even the smallest fraction of control over the frantic, fervid responses of her body to the irresistible, painfully-pleasurable stimulation storming through her rigidly-restrained form.

Until she was no longer able to differentiate between the two and greeted both the vibrations of the dildo and the jolts of electricity with ferocious, helplessly-masochistic lust that betrayed the stunning depth of her sexual submission and the extent of the nurse’s progress towards transforming her into the permanently bound pain-slut and sex-toy she intended to make her. Driven far beyond rational thought, she screamed in ecstatic welcome when she was finally permitted to climax, her belly exploding in maddened paroxysms and floods of juices spraying into her sex as giant racking spasms shook her body and she came again and again, eyes squeezed tightly shut and mind filled only with the exquisite rapture of her absolute and unconditional surrender. Oblivious, in the white-hot fury of her multiple orgasms, that her last fragile defences and slim hopes of ever being able to return from the bottomless chasm of subjugation and sexual slavery into which she was being pushed by her captor, were crumbling away faster and ever faster as she succumbed to the astounding and utterly seductive allure of total submission to the physical cravings forced upon her.

Watching carefully, the nurse nodded in satisfaction, then used the control lever to retract the dildo from the patient’s sex, smiling cruelly when the helpless woman squealed and her belly pulsed again as the long shaft, glistening with the juices of her surrenders, slid from her body. The nurse moved forward until she could stare straight down into the patient’s eyes and for the very first time since awakening from a drugged sleep to find herself inescapably bound and gagged, the chained, still-climaxing patient heard the voice of her captor. It was not the harsh, cold, pitiless voice that her actions might have suggested, but a warm, friendly tone of such apparent normality and reasonableness that it made the words spoken even more appalling in their stark implications for the patient’s future. Now that she was fully secured and her bonds thoroughly tested, the nurse informed her calmly that she would be taken through to the clinic’s operating theatre, where she would be prepared for the arrival of the Doctor. The Doctor, the nurse continued, was not only her lover, but also her partner and fellow enthusiast of stringent bondage and heavy discipline and together, they would fit the patient with her permanently-welded steel restraints and chains, full set of labial, clitoral, breast, nipple, tongue and nasal piercings and shackles, locked-on ballet boots, extreme corset, severe posture-collar and custom-fitted chastity-belt with vaginal and anal dildos capable of both intense arousal and equally-intense punishment functions.

Only the chastity-belt’s crotch cover and dildos would be removable for her to provide the sexual services she would be required and trained to provide as their pain-slut sex-slave. Her gaze bored into the patient’s wide, frightened eyes, into her brain, into her very soul and as the captive understood that she would never again be free and was condemned to a lifetime of bondage, slavery, torment and sexual subjugation far beyond even what she had already endured, she could not hold back the devastating orgasm that set her belly pulsing and juices oozing wetly from her body as she envisaged having to serve and satisfy both the nurse and her Doctor lover ... in chains, as a slave, at the mercy of not one, but two ruthless dominants and under constant threat of cruel punishment.

The electric motor of the trolley hummed and when it moved smoothly forward, guided by the nurse and carrying its helpless burden into endless captivity, the patient trembled in fearful anticipation, knowing there would be no escape for her and that she no longer had any choice or control over her fate. Her freedom had ended the moment she walked into the clinic and allowed the nurse to inject her with what she had naturally assumed was the Botox she had requested. It had never even crossed her mind that the nurse was lying and she certainly had had no way of knowing or even suspecting it. How could she, for like everybody else, she had believed that all nurses were reliable, ethical, responsible, trustworthy and dedicated to the well-being of their patients ... As, of course, they are ... Aren’t they?????

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